Arrival (2016)


Year of Release: 2016

Genre: Science Fiction

Related to/Remake of: N/A

Directed By: Denis Villeneuve

Music By: Jóhann Jóhannsson

Starring: Amy Adams (as Dr. Louise Banks), Jeremy Renner (as Ian Donnelly), Forest Whitaker (as Colonel GT Weber), Michael Stuhlbarg (as Agent David Halpern), Tzi Ma (as General Chang), and Mark O’Brien (as Captain Marks)

Basic Plot: A linguistics professor dealing with personal trauma is commissioned by the military to communicate with beings from an alien craft hovering just above the surface of Earth.  Along with the assistance of a theoretical physicist, they must decipher whether these beings are here to help or to harm humanity.

Rating (Out of 4): 4

Pros: A truly thought provoking movie that asks us to examine concepts we’ve understood to be one way only and look at other possibilities.  Great acting and a plot that doesn’t need to feature tons of explosions in order to engage the audience.  This is the kind of movie that rewards repeat viewing as once certain plot points are revealed, they shed new light on earlier events.

Cons: Some may find the pacing to be a bit slower than they’d like.  This movie doesn’t have as clear cut a conclusion as most movies do.