Battlefield Earth

battlefield earth poster

Year of Release: 2000

Genre: Science Fiction

Related to/Remake of: N/A

Directed By: Roger Christian

Music By: Elia Cmiral

Starring: Barry Pepper (as Jonnie Goodboy Tyler), John Travolta (as Terl), Forest Whitaker (as Ker), Kim Coates (as Carlo), and Sabine Karsenti (as Chrissy)

Basic Plot: Taking place in the year 3000, an alien race known as Psychlos have overtaken the few remaining humans as the planet’s dominant species.  Man has reverted back to dwelling in caves and using torches, while the Psychlos capture them to use as slaves for manual labor.  One man decides to rebel against the Psychlos.  Meanwhile a Psychlo security chief tries to use “leverage” against those in higher positions in order to have himself removed from Earth so he can return to his home planet.

Rating (Out of 4): 0

Pros: Unintentionally hilarious due to all of the things described in the “Cons” section.

Cons: Routinely mentioned as one of the worst films in the history of cinema, this movie has more than earned its reputation.  Nearly every shot in the film is taken from tilted “Dutch angles”, either due to incompetent directing, a poor attempt to be artistic, or to mask the fact that the filmmakers couldn’t figure out how to accurately represent the size difference between the aliens and the humans.  John Travolta has never found a scene he hasn’t sunk his teeth in to, and here he’s like a starving man at a buffet.  Every performance is either massively over the top, or way too subdued.  The special effects are laughably bad, on par with Playstation One graphics.  Plot holes abound, with some scenes that are so implausible that you wonder how anyone who signed up for this could have taken it seriously.  Although this movie runs for two hours, there are so many things left unexplained, that you get the feeling there’s a four hour cut of the movie out there somewhere.