Jack Reacher

jack reacher poster

Year of Release: 2012

Genre: Action/Adventure

Related to/Remake of: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (sequel)

Directed By: Christopher McQuarrie

Music By: Joe Kraemer

Starring: Tom Cruise (as Jack Reacher), Rosamund Pike (as Helen Rodin), David Oyelowo (as Emerson), Richard Jenkins (as Alex Rodin), Jai Courtney (as Charlie), Joseph Sikora (as James Barr), Robert Duvall (as Martin Cash), and Werner Herzog (as Zec Chelovek)

Basic Plot: After a former soldier is arrested and held for shooting random citizens with a sniper rifle, he requests help from a former military investigator to sort things out.  The investigator teams up with the soldier’s defense attorney and they begin to uncover a broader conspiracy.

Rating (Out of 4): 3

Pros: Tom Cruise fits effortlessly in to the title role with equal parts physicality and intellect.  There’s a decent mystery plot that unfolds, with two good main heavies.  A great turn by a revered director as the main antagonist.

Cons: Not much to complain about here, but there are a few moments that stretch credibility to the point of ridiculousness.  One scene in particular where a group of citizens “hide” Reacher from the police comes off as extremely unbelievable.