Jason Bourne

jason bourne poster

Year of Release: 2016

Genre: Action/Adventure

Related to/Remake of: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Legacy

Directed By: Paul Greengrass

Music By: John Powell and David Buckley

Starring: Matt Damon (as Jason Bourne), Tommy Lee Jones (as Robert Dewey), Alicia Vikander (as Heather Lee), Vincent Cassel (as The Asset), Julia Stiles (as Nicolette “Nicky” Parsons), Ato Essandoh (as Craig Jeffers), Riz Ahmed (as Aaron Kalloor), and Scott Shepard (as Edwin Russell)

Basic Plot: Jason Bourne has been on the run for nearly a decade, but is once again drawn in to the world of government secrets when he’s made aware of newly discovered information about his past before he joined Project Treadstone.  In order to uncover the truth, he is forced back in to the life he thought he’d left behind.

Rating (Out of 4): 3

Pros: A perfect companion piece to the other films featuring the character of Jason Bourne.  Does a good job of setting up potential future installments in the franchise.  Matt Damon does excellent work in the title role, as usual.

Cons: Very much just follows the same story beats as the previous movies in the series, including the obligatory vehicle chase.  Uses a bit too much of the “shaky cam” style in the hand-to-hand combat scenes.  Since the major mysteries of the character were wrapped up in Ultimatum, a new mystery had to be created that just seems weaker than what motivated the character in the earlier films.