Jaws: The Revenge

jaws the revenge poster

Year of Release: 1987

Genre: Horror

Related To/Remake Of: Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3-D

Directed By: Joseph Sargent

Music By: Michael Small

Starring: Lorraine Gary (as Ellen Brody), Lance Guest (as Michael Brody), Mario Van Peebles (as Jake), Karen Young (as Carla Brody), Lynn Whitfield (as Louisa), Judith Barsi (as Thea Brody), and Michael Caine (as Hoagie Newcombe)

Basic Plot: A great white shark has arrived to once again terrorize the Brody family, following widowed Ellen Brody from Amity to the Bahamas in order to finish off the clan responsible for murdering its kin.

Rating (Out of 4): 0

Pros: It’s only an hour and a half long.

Cons: Where to start?  Horrible plot, bad special effects, Mario Van Peebles’ laughable Jamaican accent, massive continuity lapses, an incredibly irritating child actress, and having to watch Oscar-winner Michael Caine do his best to redeem himself from being in this “paycheck movie”.


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