Mission: Impossible II

mission impossible ii poster

Year of Release:  2000

Genre:  Action/Adventure

Related to/Remake of:  Mission: Impossible, Mission: Impossible III (sequel), Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (sequel), Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (sequel)

Directed By:  John Woo

Music By:  Hans Zimmer

Starring:  Tom Cruise (as Ethan Hunt), Thandie Newton (as Nyah Nordoff-Hall), Dougray Scott (as Sean Ambrose), Richard Roxburgh (as Hugh Stamp), Ving Rhames (as Luther Stickell), John Polson (as Billy Baird), and Brendan Gleeson (as John C. McCloy)

Basic Plot:  Mission: Impossible Force agent Ethan Hunt must prevent a rogue agent from selling a stolen killer virus to the highest bidder.  In order to gain intel, Hunt must enlist the help of the rogue agent’s onetime beau, a woman who is less than thrilled with the proposition.  As expected, two-gun mayhem and slow motion doves flying ensue.

Rating (Out of 4):  2

Pros:  Some pretty inventive (if not wholly unrealistic) action scenes, and a few scenes that remind you of the tension of the previous installment.

Cons:  Unlike the sleek thrill-ride that was the first Mission: Impossible movie, this one’s kind of a mess.  The action tropes that tend to mark nearly every one of director John Woo’s Hong Kong blockbusters are on full display here, and they don’t seem to translate as well.  The dramatic scenes have all of the subtlety of a soap opera.


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