Superman Returns

superman returns poster.jpg

Year of Release: 2006

Genre: Action/Adventure

Related to/Remake of: Man of Steel, Superman: The Movie, Superman II (Theatrical Cut and Richard Donner Cut), Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Directed By: Bryan Singer

Music By: John Ottman

Starring: Brandon Routh (as Clark Kent/Superman), Kate Bosworth (as Lois Lane), Kevin Spacey (as Lex Luthor), Parker Posey (as Kitty Kowalski), James Marsden (as Richard White), Frank Langella (as Perry White), and Sam Huntington (as Jimmy Olsen)

Basic Plot: Five years after leaving Earth to search for newly discovered remnants of his home planet Krypton, Superman returns, just in time to stop Lex Luthor’s latest scheme.  This time around, Luthor plans on using a combination of crystals he’s retrieved from the Fortress of Solitude and kryptonite stolen from a museum to create a land mass that will end up sinking half of the United States underwater.

Rating (Out of 4): 2

Pros: Brandon Routh looks the part, and is convincing during the film’s action set pieces.  Some pretty good action scenes, with convincing special effects.  Great use of John Williams‘ Superman theme.

Cons: Although Brandon Routh manages to capture the general looks and (quite impressively) the vocals of Christopher Reeve, he definitely lacks the charm and charisma.  His emotional range is, at times, fairly shallow.  Kevin Spacey’s interpretation of Lex Luthor is nowhere near as “fun” as Gene Hackman’s, and he comes across as extremely cruel, much darker than previous interpretations, and doesn’t quite fit the tone of this movie, which heaps on the “wink-wink” references to the earlier Superman movies.  None of the supporting cast, except for Sam Huntington as Jimmy Olsen, makes much of an impression.  Kate Bosworth isn’t engaging at all as Lois Lane, a big problem for a movie where she’s expected to be such a large part of the general plot.