Terminator Genisys

terminator genisys poster

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Music By: Lorne Balfe

Starring: Lee Byung-hun (as T-1000)

Basic Plot: On the eve of victory against Skynet, the resistance realizes that Skynet has unleashed its last-resort weapon, the original Terminator, via a time portal.  Now, humanity’s last hope rests with Kyle Reese, a member of the resistance, as he travels back in time to protect Sarah Connor, mother of the future resistance leader John Connor.  Skynet, however, has other plans…

Rating (Out of 4): 3

Pros: A great recreation of the early scenes in the original Terminator.  An interesting twist on the series’ timeline.  Good work by a noticeably older Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Some pretty fun action scenes.  J.K. Simmons provides some great comic relief.

Cons: Sarah Connor referring to Arnold’s terminator as “Pops” gets really, really old really quick.  Jai Courtney is a bad Michael Biehn substitute, and Emilia Clarke is no Linda Hamilton.  Not nearly enough J.K. Simmons.