The Birds

the birds poster

Year of Release: 1963

Genre: Horror

Related to/Remake of: N/A

Directed By: Alfred Hitchcock

Music By: N/A

Starring: Tippi Hedren (as Melanie Daniels), Rod Taylor (as Mitchell “Mitch” Brenner), Jessica Tandy (as Lydia Brenner), Veronica Cartwright (as Cathy Brenner), and Suzanne Pleshette (as Annie Hayworth)

Basic Plot: When a young woman visits a California seaside community, she is attacked by a seagull.  Initially, she and the other residents don’t think much of the attack, but it soon becomes apparent that the behavior of the birds is becoming much more aggressive.

Rating (Out of 4): 3

Pros: Some very tense scenes, with great special effects (some practical, some animated) for the time it was made.  Good central performances from Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, and Veronica Cartwright.

Cons: The movie takes its time to get to the “good stuff”, which may be a little too slow for some.