The Great Wall

the great wall poster.JPG

Year of Release: 2017

Genre: Action/Adventure

Related to/Remake of: N/A

Directed By: Zhang Yimou

Music By: Ramin Djawadi

Starring: Matt Damon (as William Garin), Jing Tian (as Commander Lin Mae), Pedro Pascal (as Pero Tovar), Andy Lau (as Wang), Lu Han (as Peng Yong), and Willem Dafoe (as Sir Ballard)

Basic Plot: Taking place roughly 1000 years ago, two mercenaries searching for “black powder” (aka gunpowder) come across the Great Wall of China, which is being prepared for an attack by lizard-like creatures.  After witnessing the first attack, the mercenaries must decide whether to flee or stay and join the fight.

Rating (Out of 4): 2

Pros: Great costumes and set design, and choreography for the battle preparation.

Cons: Long stretches of speeches make a movie that runs only 104 minutes feel like it lasts for three hours.  Some incredibly stupid decisions made by individuals and groups.  Unconvincing CGI monsters.