To Catch a Thief

to catch a thief poster

Year of Release: 1955

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Related to/Remake of: N/A

Directed By: Alfred Hitchcock

Music By: Lyn Murray

Starring: Cary Grant (as John “The Cat” Robie), Grace Kelly (as Frances Stevens), Jessie Royce Landis (as Jessie Stevens), John Williams (as H.H. Hughson), Charles Vanel (as Monsieur Bertani), and Brigitte Auber (as Danielle Foussard)

Basic Plot: A former jewel thief tries to clear his name after a rash of high profile robberies occur in French Riviera, with all signs pointing to him as the culprit.

Rating (Out of 4): 3

Pros: Good dialogue and performances, with a winning turn by Cary Grant in the lead role.

Cons: The character type for Grace Kelly switches way too fast.  Not as suspenseful or intense as other Hitchcock movies.