Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

valerian and the city of a thousand planets movie poster

Year of Release: 2017

Genre: Science Fiction

Related to/Remake of: N/A

Directed By: Luc Besson

Music By: Alexandre Desplat

Starring: Dane DeHaan (as Major Valerian), Cara Delevingne (as Sergeant Laureline), Sam Spruell (as General Okto Bar), Clive Owen (as Arün Filitt), Rihanna (as Bubble), Kris Wu (as Sergeant Neza), and Ethan Hawke (as Jolly)

Basic Plot: In the 28th century on the space station Alpha, home to thousands of different alien species, special agents Valerian and Laureline are sent to retrieve an artifact from a crime lord.  Once they have the artifact in hand, they discover its true value, and uncover a mystery involving a race thought to have perished long ago.

Rating (Out of 4): 1

Pros: The only thing worth discussing here are the visuals.  This movie obviously takes it’s queues from an earlier, much better, Besson film, the Fifth Element.  Lots of eye candy here, with some incredible images, but the “Cons” section will explain why that’s simply not enough.

Cons: When your movie revolves around the relationship between your two main characters, and those actors have absolutely zero chemistry between each other, you know you’re in trouble.  Clunky, clichéd dialogue and poor acting (particularly by Cara Delevingne) doesn’t help matters.  For all of the potential of having a plot taking place on a space station filled with new and exotic alien species, it’s probably not the best idea to make the central alien race look almost exactly like albino Navi from the movie Avatar.